fly fishing huntington reservoir

A couple of weeks ago I drove to Huntington Reservoir about an hour south of Springville to fish.  It’s my favorite reservoir because of the Tiger trout–a hard fighting hybird female Brown and male Brook trout–the fact that there isn’t recreational boating, and some days late in the year I’m the only one on the water.

I used my camera phone to record some of my experience that day–I don’t remember the exact day/date–just to see how it would turn out.  I hope you find it kind of interesting and amusing.

I actually felt comfortable talking and narrating.  I’m kind of used to talking to myself these days anyway.

I eventually ran out of memory so that’s why the videos ended where they did.

The videos are unedited.  I did try to find some freeware–I’m cheap that way–to cut and compress the videos so I could upload them to YouTube, but nothing really worked.  That’s why I haven’t been able to upload them to my website until today when I discovered some freeware to convert and play the videos without having to upload them to YouTube first.

I’m actually pleased with how they’re presenting given that I am a novice website developer dude.

So here they are in the following order:

*Huntington drive 1

[flowplayer src=huntington_drive_1.flv, splash=drive_1.jpg]

*Huntington drive 2

[flowplayer src=huntington_drive_2.flv, splash=drive_2.jpg]

*Ready to Fish

[flowplayer src=huntington_ready_to_fish.flv, splash=ready_to_fish.jpg]

*On the water

[flowplayer src=huntington_on_the_water.flv, splash=on_the_water.jpg]

*Fishing 1

[flowplayer src=huntington_fly_fishing_1.flv, splash=fishing_1.jpg]

*Fishing 2

[flowplayer src=huntington_fly_fishing_2.flv, splash=fishing_2.jpg]

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