Best friends…

A week ago Monday I got that annoying little tickle around my adenoids and I muttered to myself, “s–t…” It progressed quickly and soon overtook my body. The flu–I got the seasonal flu shot early last fall–reminded me how the […]

Tidying Up a Bit

I continue working outside and around the house, performing a variety of manual labor. Yesterday I dethatched, overseeded and fertilized the back lawn which struggles to thrive because of competition for sunshine and ground nutrients from numerous trees. I hope […]

Booyah II

NCAA hoopster junkies: I’m enjoying the games this year, more than usual. Maybe because I actually tried my hand at predicting outcomes in a formal format. My outcomes yesterday improved over Thursday’s by three.  Only two incorrect picks: Oklahoma State […]


For basketball fans of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament: Best time of the year for basketball viewing! Despite the big money involved and exploitation of student athletes, it’s still pretty pure, really intense competition. It’s great to see smaller schools […]

Bouncing Ball

I found a new website some time ago titled that allows users to create their own computer art using a “drip” method reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s.  I haven’t spent much time with it, but tonight I dropped some virtual […]

My humor place…

This past Sunday I read in the NY Times “internet” section about a social/dating website called It was started by four mathematicians who were dissatisfied with all the other social networking/dating websites.  They did some number crunching to figure […]

“Gloom and Doom”

Maybe I should adopt my father’s “gloom and doom” perspective on life after all, after Baldo failed to perform his part of my bathroom ritual this morning. After brushing my teeth and shaving I did my due diligence by gradually […]