Sweet Rhythms

The weather has been wet and cold the last three days, so I’ve mostly been hangin’ with Baldo, Chica, and Mingo while doing stuff around the house. Today, though, I felt the need to reassert my fly fishing mentalite by […]

Fly Fishing Walk

I’d just finished fly fishing at Diamond Fork for three hours during a gorgeous late morning/early afternoon yesterday and decided to turn on my cell phone video camera to record the walk back to my car: [flowplayer src=fly_fishing_walk.flv, splash=fly_fishing_walk.jpg]

Baldo plays…

Baldo and Chica like to chase twigs, leaves, feathers, toy mice; any item I can tie to the end of some string, twine, or, especially, fly line.  I have cut about fifteen feet of weight forward floating fly line–it’s actually […]