chica and the electric razor

One of Chica’s favorite toys is my rechargeable neck trimmer.  I didn’t offer it to her on this occasion so she didn’t seem very interested in the electric razor.  But it was, perhaps, an interesting “existential” moment.  I’m not sure […]

Sweet Rhythms

The weather has been wet and cold the last three days, so I’ve mostly been hangin’ with Baldo, Chica, and Mingo while doing stuff around the house. Today, though, I felt the need to reassert my fly fishing mentalite by […]

Birthdays and Remembering

Domingo celebrated his 92nd last Wednesday and Saturday we went to the local cemetery where we visited the grave sites of our wife/mother LuDean, daughter/sister Peggy, and twin infants/siblings Dawn and Dwaine. A few photos of “El Viejo” celebrating a […]

The Fence II

My little fence repair project is finished. I stained it this afternoon. I like it given that I kept the posts that were already in place, one of them–the big rough-looking post–being, as my brother reminded me, originally part of […]

The Fence

So much work that can and should be done around the yard and house, but I try to do one thing at a time within a limited time frame so I don’t get bored and the work doesn’t get tedious. […]

Best friends…

A week ago Monday I got that annoying little tickle around my adenoids and I muttered to myself, “s–t…” It progressed quickly and soon overtook my body. The flu–I got the seasonal flu shot early last fall–reminded me how the […]

Tiger’s press conference

I just finished watching Tiger Woods’ press conference. Unlike those television commentators I have listened to so far commenting on Tiger’s “A+” performance at his Masters’ press conference, I wasn’t very impressed with Tiger’s performance and the quality of the […]

Tidying Up a Bit

I continue working outside and around the house, performing a variety of manual labor. Yesterday I dethatched, overseeded and fertilized the back lawn which struggles to thrive because of competition for sunshine and ground nutrients from numerous trees. I hope […]