chica and the electric razor

One of Chica’s favorite toys is my rechargeable neck trimmer.  I didn’t offer it to her on this occasion so she didn’t seem very interested in the electric razor.  But it was, perhaps, an interesting “existential” moment.  I’m not sure […]

A Strategic Ideological Hiccup

I suppose it should no longer be surprising when the Obama administration shows its true centrist/conservative colors as it did in the recent comments of White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ condemnation of a “professional left” condemning comparisons (by primarily television […]

Moments of Delusion

I have written before on my blog site about President Barack Obama’s tepid leadership, fearful and delayed administrative action, even clueless constitutional idealism. In making these arguments I (unfortunately) might seem to share rhetorical space with conservatives (“conservative” is a […]

Sweet Rhythms

The weather has been wet and cold the last three days, so I’ve mostly been hangin’ with Baldo, Chica, and Mingo while doing stuff around the house. Today, though, I felt the need to reassert my fly fishing mentalite by […]