A Strategic Ideological Hiccup

I suppose it should no longer be surprising when the Obama administration shows its true centrist/conservative colors as it did in the recent comments of White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ condemnation of a “professional left” condemning comparisons (by primarily television […]

Moments of Delusion

I have written before on my blog site about President Barack Obama’s tepid leadership, fearful and delayed administrative action, even clueless constitutional idealism. In making these arguments I (unfortunately) might seem to share rhetorical space with conservatives (“conservative” is a […]

(It’s not) Jennifer’s Body

Today I watched Jennifer’s Body, the popular rendering of a kind of succubus myth that also serves as the star vehicle for the teen-something generation’s Angelina Jolie-like superstar with a hot, kick-ass body, Megan Fox. (I’ve heard that because she’s […]

Soulless Embodiment

“The body now serves as an instrument or intermediary: if one intervenes upon it to imprison it, or to make it work, it is in order to deprive the individual of liberty that is regarded both as a right and […]

Temperament: Obama’s American Vision

It’s become official: pragmatically, reasonably, thoughtfully, cautiously, carefully, open-minded, with consensus and coalition-building and mature foresight apparent above all, our former candidate, now president, of hope and fundamental change of the way things are done in Washington and the way […]

“It is what it is.” (?)

As someone with an on again, off again dedication to the sport of golf, Buddhist thought and meditation, and the politics and contradictions of culture writ large and small, I have been interested to listen to Tiger Woods’ recent post-tournament […]