Soulless Embodiment

“The body now serves as an instrument or intermediary: if one intervenes upon it to imprison it, or to make it work, it is in order to deprive the individual of liberty that is regarded both as a right and […]

“It is what it is.” (?)

As someone with an on again, off again dedication to the sport of golf, Buddhist thought and meditation, and the politics and contradictions of culture writ large and small, I have been interested to listen to Tiger Woods’ recent post-tournament […]

On Woods and Ochoa

When I read that Lorena Ochoa, one of the best contemporary women professional golfers who would have been a shoe-in for the LPGA Hall of Fame if she’d only played two more years on the tour, announced her retirement from […]

A Code for Dating (?)

On the continuum of thinking that we are rational, self-controlled beings to acting like instinctual evolutionary creatures, I think we are deluded about thinking we are the former and clueless about how much we are indeed the latter. My assertion […]

Los San Patricios

Quizas un poco tarde en el dia para poner este video celebrando el dia de San Patricios, pero justo lo encontre.  Simboliza algo significante en cuanto a la cuestion de la hibridez cultural en general y en la vida de […]

Incorporating the imagined body

Since I watched controversial Russian ice dancers Domnina’s and Shabalin‘s faux Australian aboriginal folk routine earlier this week during the 2010 Olympics “original” ice dance competition, I have been thinking about how the cultural “other” is imagined and enacted to […]

Will it be Barry or Barack?

Growing up working class and biracial in Utah, son of a Mexican American man and Scots-Irish woman, in a white, politically conservative, Mormon community, I was always reminded to “not cause problems.” Especially by my Mexican American father. It made […]

(Post) Colonial Vampires

While driving home from fly-fishing yesterday afternoon, I happened to listen to a PRI: The World story about a recent blog written by the current British ambassador to the United States. It was about his observation of the trend that […]