Sweet Rhythms

The weather has been wet and cold the last three days, so I’ve mostly been hangin’ with Baldo, Chica, and Mingo while doing stuff around the house. Today, though, I felt the need to reassert my fly fishing mentalite by watching whatever I could find on the internets.  I found one treasure of a video unlike most of the ones that are insistent on displaying fly fishing mastery, i.e. showing either multiple catches and/or hooking into the bigguns. A lot of noise, they are. (Thanks Yoda…)

I really like this one because it’s a laid back, humorous look (about 18 minutes long) at a couple of old-timers experiencing common fly fishing struggles related to choosing the right fly, getting tangled, and maybe even becoming a little impatient.  The nicely timed and appropriately tuned commentary by “The McGlynn,” whoever he is–I checked out the associated website: good, committed critical politics which is a nice plus.  I thought it was simply a promotion for a fly fishing retreat–was perfect.

I especially liked watching the casting motions of the “Professor” and the “Author.”  Simple, elegant rhythms unlike a lot of the sloppy stuff I see in many of the itnernet videos I’ve viewed. No wasted energy. Back and forth, up and down, one..two. Just lay it down simply and sweetly.

This, for me, is what fly fishing is about. All the quiet moments, the slow, easy rhythms, (the common experience of) not catching fish much of the time. It’s about the simple beauty, the complete experience of that moment, back and forth, sloshing as I move, listening to the water slip around and past me, even the weariness, occasional frustration and boredom. All of it.

Like the “Professor” and the “Author.”

I hope I can be so graceful and gracious in 20 years!

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