update 11-24-09

I’ve been busy without being real busy. You know, busy doing seemingly endless tasks that don’t seem that important, but that take a lot of time to complete. I recently installed Windows 7, so I’ve gradually been getting it up […]

Baldo plays…

Baldo and Chica like to chase twigs, leaves, feathers, toy mice; any item I can tie to the end of some string, twine, or, especially, fly line.  I have cut about fifteen feet of weight forward floating fly line–it’s actually […]

My new friends

Here are my two newest friends.  They live across the street.  Their owners didn’t take much care of them during the first couple of weeks they were in the neighborhood.  They would regularly cross the street and hang out here. […]

update 10-21-09

Good morning. I’m just sitting here with Baldo lying on my desk, breathing all stimulated and such.  Maybe he wants to go play or eat or something. I pet him occasionally, which he seems to like.  He feels really good […]


This weekend I’ve been busy trying to put some “order” into my life.  I think it’s partly seasonal–locating and unpacking the cold weather gear–but this year my effort is more radical than usual. Since I decided to leave academia for […]


Good morning, friends. A brief note to inform you that I am in the process of trying to optimize my web site.  One of the first changes I am making is creating a new tagline to something more manageable and […]