update 11-24-09

I’ve been busy without being real busy.

You know, busy doing seemingly endless tasks that don’t seem that important, but that take a lot of time to complete.

I recently installed Windows 7, so I’ve gradually been getting it up and going.  It’s still not fully functional, but so far I like it.  It does seem quicker and more efficient than Windows Vista.

I had been using my laptop with pre-loaded Windows Vista as my primary computer because Windows XP on my desktop quit on me a couple of months ago and I couldn’t perform a clean re-install for unknown reasons.  And then Vista started slowing down so I gave in and bought Windows 7.

I’ve also been working around the house a lot, cleaning one room at a time, as I like to say.  (I think I’ve finally got my living space pretty well organized.)

And today I think I finished raking leaves–about twenty or so thirty gallon bags filled just today–because pretty much all the leaves are finally off the trees.

In all, I’ve probably filled over thirty-five thrity gallon plastic bags with fallen leaves!

Next to look forward to will be shoveling snow.  I’m curious how much snow we’ll receive this year to see how high I can pile the driveway snow banks.

After cleaning up and eating a late lunch, I attended girls high school basketball games, in part, to watch a grand niece play for Springville.  I really enjoyed it.

She played for the sophomore and jv teams even though she sat the entire jv game.  I stayed for the varsity game and was very impressed with the Springville girls. A couple of them have some solid skills.  I could see them playing college ball somewhere.

The varsity coach played college ball for BYU and had them clicking on all cylinders tonight as they more than doubled the score of their opponents, Pleasant Grove (who even had a 6’6″ center).  The coach is also due to give birth some time in December, I understand. (I can’t recall ever seeing a pregnant basketball coach.  Kinda cool, actually.)

I found out there is a huge early season high school tourney to include fourteen local high schools tomorrow at Utah Valley University.  (About 12-13 miles north of Springville.) Play starts mid morning and seven dollars is the ticket price to see all seven games.

I plan to go.  Maybe not for all seven games, but a few of them including the Springville-Provo game at 5:30 pm.  (I just read that Provo was 26-1 last year and has one player who will play for BYU next year.  Plus, Springville has a 6’4″ Latino/Mexican American playing for them (who I also saw play for the high school football team this fall).

I gotta see my carnal, the tallest Chicano in the world!!!  Who also plays basketball!!!!   (hee hee…)

I’ll report back about what I see.  I’ve also got ideas for part II of my “What Kind of Man Am I” series simmering in my deepest brain recesses.

So, until my next post…


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