update 10-21-09

Good morning.

I’m just sitting here with Baldo lying on my desk, breathing all stimulated and such.  Maybe he wants to go play or eat or something. I pet him occasionally, which he seems to like.  He feels really good even though he’s a bit chubby.  (More to love, right?)

Anyway, I think we’ll go outside for some fresh air and activity.  We both need it and the weather’s great right now.  Now that autumn is fully  with us–the leaves are starting to assert their independence from the trees–we/I need to change eating and (lack of) exercise routines.

I’m working on a few things that are website-related including learning how to compress and convert video files to better fit into my YouTube and website locations.  I’m also evaluating new web hosts that offer more storage for my website.  This means the site might be unavailable for a couple of days while it repopulates with a new web hoster.

I am upgrading in order to include more video content here.  This will include recent videos of me playing with Baldo and fly fishing at Huntington Reservoir this past Sunday.

Also, notions and images of “authenticity” have been parading in my head for the past few days based on what I’ve recently seen and heard in the media.  I’m going to write something about what is often represented as real, essential, organic or true, but that is actually a constantly reimagined and idealized cultural assertion.

Hopefully I’ll get this all figured out by the end of the work week.  Until later,



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