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This past Sunday I read in the NY Times “internet” section about a social/dating website called It was started by four mathematicians who were dissatisfied with all the other social networking/dating websites.  They did some number crunching to figure out what really works in successfully finding and starting friendships and relationships and it wasn’t cute, flirty compliment crap which I detest, but stuff that initiates a conversation.

On that note I have my doubts about experiencing any “conversations” on the site–I’m not not much of a texter, IMer, chatterer, etc.–but I really like the openness of the site including all the fun little questions one can answer to refine values, interests, and limits and quirky and bizarre tests to gauge one’s personality, perspectives, and so on.  And one doesn’t even have to necessarily contact a person of potential interest; one is notified who has looked at one’s profile. So there are a variety of options for engagement which is unusual for a “free” site like this even though there is a premium (paid) membership which I’m unlikely to pursue.

Anyway, my point with this post is to show you the result of one of my test-taking adventures that claims to identify my kind of humor:


(And just so we’re clear, “(YOU)”–the Idiot Savant box–is me.  Hee hee…)

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