Best friends…

A week ago Monday I got that annoying little tickle around my adenoids and I muttered to myself, “s–t…”

It progressed quickly and soon overtook my body.

The flu–I got the seasonal flu shot early last fall–reminded me how the body goes its own way at times, most of the time, despite our best intentions.

My best friends during the past ten days have been a variety of throat lozenges and flu symptom suppressant medications, my water bottle, numerous toilet paper rolls, my bed, and the television.

And, fortunately, my patience has been pretty good during the sickness.  But I am looking forward to regaining my strength, drying up, and getting back to regular activity in the next few days.

I have some comments to make about the recently aired  PBS documentary”The Buddha” and Tiger Woods’ Masters’ golfing and PR performance.  Once I get all healed and organized this week I’ll let you know what I liked and didn’t like about both.

Thanks for your patience.

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