The Fence

So much work that can and should be done around the yard and house, but I try to do one thing at a time within a limited time frame so I don’t get bored and the work doesn’t get tedious. So this afternoon my project was fence repair on two sections of the front yard section of the east fence. I included a couple of “before” photos where I happened to catch the dilapidated, sad east sections. After a few hours of work with some help from Domingo–el viejo alcanza a los noventa y dos años el 26 de este mes– holding the slats while I pounded nails, I was finished by 7:00 pm. Now neither of us can stop looking at the two sections of happy, lovely, renewed cedar fence. We both like the beauty of the natural cedar slats so much we’re tempted to simply apply a clear stain and eventually replace all the older painted slats with new, wider slats like the 5 1/2 inch ones we installed today and simply stain them clear. (BTW. Not bad for a renegade scholar, social critic, and trouble maker, eh?)

2 thoughts on “The Fence

  1. Thanks, bro. Just working within pre-existing framework, so to speak. It’s like conquering peoples historically: build on foundations conquered peoples built. (hee hee…) I think I’ll try to paint it today.

  2. Very nice job, bro. I also like the old pasture post that remains as the middle standard post of the fence. That probably means only something to us–not many others would recognize its relevance or meaning.

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