On Woods and Ochoa

When I read that Lorena Ochoa, one of the best contemporary women professional golfers who would have been a shoe-in for the LPGA Hall of Fame if she’d only played two more years on the tour, announced her retirement from […]

A Code for Dating (?)

On the continuum of thinking that we are rational, self-controlled beings to acting like instinctual evolutionary creatures, I think we are deluded about thinking we are the former and clueless about how much we are indeed the latter. My assertion […]

“The Buddha”

My brother told me about this PBS documentary which airs tomorrow (Wednesday) night. If you are interested here is a link which describes the program. Also, here is an interview by Doug Fabrizio of Radio West with the documentary producer, […]

Los San Patricios

Quizas un poco tarde en el dia para poner este video celebrando el dia de San Patricios, pero justo lo encontre.  Simboliza algo significante en cuanto a la cuestion de la hibridez cultural en general y en la vida de […]

Incorporating the imagined body

Since I watched controversial Russian ice dancers Domnina’s and Shabalin‘s faux Australian aboriginal folk routine earlier this week during the 2010 Olympics “original” ice dance competition, I have been thinking about how the cultural “other” is imagined and enacted to […]

Not so nice Obama

In a recent blog I wrote critically about the fearful tendencies I experienced growing up in a conservative white community as a biracial child.  I drew the parallel of my own experience to current U.S. president Obama’s seeming need to […]