Will it be Barry or Barack?

Growing up working class and biracial in Utah, son of a Mexican American man and Scots-Irish woman, in a white, politically conservative, Mormon community, I was always reminded to “not cause problems.” Especially by my Mexican American father. It made […]

(Post) Colonial Vampires

While driving home from fly-fishing yesterday afternoon, I happened to listen to a PRI: The World story about a recent blog written by the current British ambassador to the United States. It was about his observation of the trend that […]

Mugshots and Terrorists

This past week Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was returned to the headlines in (in)glorious fashion since the U.S. Attorney General announced he will be tried in New York City for his part in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks […]

Afghanistan and Authenticity

Driving home this morning after doing some light shopping I overheard “enlightened” public radio analysis and speculation regarding U.S. foreign policy toward Afghanistan as President Barack Obama currently ponders whether to  follow the advice of military leaders and send in […]

“The Office”

 I watched “The Office” tonight. I continue to be amazed by how incredibly accurate the representations of different kinds of privilege are represented in the character of Michael Scott, the manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin paper company. […]

“The Informant!”

 Monday afternoon, after spending a lovely three hours in the morning with my dentist getting some old crowns removed in order to replace them with lovely new ones and finding out my cobra dental insurance is crap; I decided to […]