chica and the electric razor

One of Chica’s favorite toys is my rechargeable neck trimmer.  I didn’t offer it to her on this occasion so she didn’t seem very interested in the electric razor.  But it was, perhaps, an interesting “existential” moment.  I’m not sure […]

“Gloom and Doom”

Maybe I should adopt my father’s “gloom and doom” perspective on life after all, after Baldo failed to perform his part of my bathroom ritual this morning. After brushing my teeth and shaving I did my due diligence by gradually […]

Baldo plays…

Baldo and Chica like to chase twigs, leaves, feathers, toy mice; any item I can tie to the end of some string, twine, or, especially, fly line.  I have cut about fifteen feet of weight forward floating fly line–it’s actually […]

My new friends

Here are my two newest friends.  They live across the street.  Their owners didn’t take much care of them during the first couple of weeks they were in the neighborhood.  They would regularly cross the street and hang out here. […]