(It’s not) Jennifer’s Body

Today I watched Jennifer’s Body, the popular rendering of a kind of succubus myth that also serves as the star vehicle for the teen-something generation’s Angelina Jolie-like superstar with a hot, kick-ass body, Megan Fox. (I’ve heard that because she’s […]

Birthdays and Remembering

Domingo celebrated his 92nd last Wednesday and Saturday we went to the local cemetery where we visited the grave sites of our wife/mother LuDean, daughter/sister Peggy, and twin infants/siblings Dawn and Dwaine. A few photos of “El Viejo” celebrating a […]

The Fence II

My little fence repair project is finished. I stained it this afternoon. I like it given that I kept the posts that were already in place, one of them–the big rough-looking post–being, as my brother reminded me, originally part of […]

Soulless Embodiment

“The body now serves as an instrument or intermediary: if one intervenes upon it to imprison it, or to make it work, it is in order to deprive the individual of liberty that is regarded both as a right and […]

Temperament: Obama’s American Vision

It’s become official: pragmatically, reasonably, thoughtfully, cautiously, carefully, open-minded, with consensus and coalition-building and mature foresight apparent above all, our former candidate, now president, of hope and fundamental change of the way things are done in Washington and the way […]

“It is what it is.” (?)

As someone with an on again, off again dedication to the sport of golf, Buddhist thought and meditation, and the politics and contradictions of culture writ large and small, I have been interested to listen to Tiger Woods’ recent post-tournament […]

The Fence

So much work that can and should be done around the yard and house, but I try to do one thing at a time within a limited time frame so I don’t get bored and the work doesn’t get tedious. […]

On Woods and Ochoa

When I read that Lorena Ochoa, one of the best contemporary women professional golfers who would have been a shoe-in for the LPGA Hall of Fame if she’d only played two more years on the tour, announced her retirement from […]

A Code for Dating (?)

On the continuum of thinking that we are rational, self-controlled beings to acting like instinctual evolutionary creatures, I think we are deluded about thinking we are the former and clueless about how much we are indeed the latter. My assertion […]